Homework Disaster

Suitable for prep to Year 2 students. Learn about respect and respectful behaviours. Brainstorm in class after watching. Activity

Footy Fight

Suitable for Year 3 to Year 6. Learn about empathy and think about how others might feel in different situations. Activity

Toilet Block Bullying

Do you think it makes a difference if the victim is a boy or a girl? Do you have any ideas of how to make your school safer? Activity

Movie Bullies

Think of ways of respectfully getting out of tricky situations. What consequences could your actions have? Make your own movie that has three different endings. Discuss in class. Activity


In this video we are facetiming and talking about relationship experiences. What advice would you give them, remembering the relationships should be safe and free from harm. Activity

Party Crashers

Madisons 18th birthday party didn't fo as planned. What can you do when things go wrong? Do the 'Sunlight Test' and imaging how the party goers felt the next day. Activity