Being safe

You have the right to be safe, our safe places can be at home, at school or with your safety helpers. When do you feel safe?

Getting help

There are many people who can help keep you safe, create a safety network. Who are the adults on your safety network?

Body clues

Our bodies tell us when we don't feel safe through our body clues. Learn to report to an adult if you don't feel safe and do our safety challenge

Rules for being safe

Learn safety rules, it's not ok for anyone to hurt you. What are the safety rules for your home or school? Pause the video and discuss


Learn how to react in an unsafe situation, you can say no, go to a safe place or person, always tell an adult why you felt unsafe

Safety online

Ask an adult if it's ok to go online, naver share personal information with anyone, your friends online should be the same as in real life

Some secrets should
never be kept

Suitable for children aged 3 to 12

Debra Byrne reads Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept. The book is aimed at 3-12 year old children and is intended to give them skills to deal with inappropriate touch. For more information go to

Day for Daniel
Friday 27 October

Suitable for schools & businesses

Day for Daniel is our 'National Day of Action'. Wear RED and EDUCATE is the theme for the day. Watch our videos and do our activities and learn about ways you can keep safe. Register online at